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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Hello, my name is Terry Johnston. For the first time, I’m about to share my incredible story with others. I hope you read all the way to the end, as there’s an incredible transition about to take place, driving my story, and maybe your story, to an amazing new journey on this wonderful planet we call home!

My Bemer story began in September of 2015 when a former business associate, Deb Brolley, called me, emailed me & texted me about the Bemer. I was NOT interested. She didn’t give up on me because she knew it was my passion to help people and I had a big sphere of influence. I told her no one is going to spend $6500 for some magic carpet you can’t even feel. Boy, was I wrong. Other people started contacting me about this so called “Magic Carpet” known as the Bemer which started to pique my curiosity.

I decided I will always be an "Open-Minded Skeptic" and check out this new PEMF technology.

Thankfully, I’m the kind of person who likes to give myself permission to change my mind when new information is brought before me. I decided I will always be an “open-minded skeptic” and check out this new PEMF energy technology.

Let me back up and share with you why alternative medicine was such a hot button for me. In 1992, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 malignant melanoma cancer and given 6 months to 2 years to live. Due to a divorce, my health insurance was canceled. That was the greatest gift given to me besides my two children. You might ask why? Not having insurance forced me to take responsibility for myself and to look into Alternative Medicine. They say, “When the

student is ready the teacher appears.” and I was ready. I met some incredible alternative medicine doctors like Dr. Joel Wallach author of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie and Dr. Mojka Renaud. Dr. Mojka really helped me get my body fine-tuned so it could heal itself. I’m proud to say next year I will be celebrating 30 years cancer free without doing chemo and/or radiation.

When they tell you that you have only six months to two years to live, it changes you. I became more open minded, every day above the grass was a good day. Life was too precious to complain. God gave me great compassion to help other people and give them hope. For that I remain thankful because that gave me the OPEN MIND to be a part of this PEMF technology as it grows, changes and improves through time.

The doctor told me I would never have feeling in my face.

In 2009, I was run over by a Hummer on my bicycle. I was in a coma for four days. I have an artificial eye-socket. My finger was re-attached and I had a torn meniscus. The doctor told me I would never have feeling in my face as there was so much nerve damage and for six years and he was right.

My journey with Bemer and Deb Brolley began by purchasing my own BEMER. I laid on what I referred to as the “Magic Carpet” every day for eight minutes and didn’t notice a darn thing. For 5 weeks, I saw no results but then I started getting the feeling back in my face.

After five weeks of being on the Bemer, I started getting this tingling much like the feeling of Novocain wearing off when you’re at the dentist office. It was awful. I’d rather have no feeling than that feeling. But a few days later, the pain went away and to my amazement, I could feel my face once again. It was like a miracle! The only thing that changed in my daily habits, were those 8 minute sessions on this “magic carpet” and what a ride it was! No one can explain why or how that happened – it just did. I became convinced enough to do research about the wonderful world of Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF). I knew from the Bible that the life was in the blood. Leviticus 17:11. Increasing blood flood would naturally help the body to heal faster. It just made sense.

Increasing blood flow would naturally help the body to heal faster. It just made sense.

So like every zealous Type A Personality, I went to "Dr. Google" and did my research. I was convinced that I needed this PEMF Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency mat known as the Bemer and so did everyone else I loved and cared I bought 2 more.

Again being Type A Personality, I just had to tell everyone, so I posted on Facebook that I wanted 100 people to come to my home every day for 3 weeks and try out this new medical device called the Bemer.

There was one condition, you had to have some sort of health condition. No healthy people allowed. I didn’t have a lot of time and I needed to know that this technology worked.

The first day started out slow with about 10 people showing up. The next day 15 people, the next day 20 people and before long almost 200 people a day were coming to my house. It was crazy.

Within the first 3 weeks, 3 people didn't have to have their feet amputated...

Within those first three weeks, 3 people didn’t have to have their feet amputated, (with great amazement from their doctors) and five people had floaters and eye issues restored and two of those people were able to get their driver's license. This truly was a Magic Carpet.

When people came to my house I did have some conditions before I put them on the Bemer. They had to want to take responsibility for their health and they had to be an “Open-Minded Skeptic”. If they answered correctly to those two questions, then I had only one other condition – I insisted they also had to be willing to make some changes in their diet and drink a lot of water.

So you may ask what brought about these miraculous changes in people? I say there were a few reasons.

I created the "5-Day Bemer Challenge"

I created the "5-Day Bemer Challenge" which included drinking half your body weight in water, no fast food, absolutely no artificial sweeteners and going on the Bemer everyday for 5 days.

I'm not saying that Bemer cured, healed, or treated anyone. However, we witnessed hundreds of people whose health was positively impacted while using Bemer Technology. Drinking water has incredible medicinal benefits because many people are dehydrated. Hope can also be a positive placebo on a life! Changing one's diet can make a significant impact by giving our body what it needs to heal itself. And the BEMER helped the body move the blood and increase circulation.

We held parties and demos every week.

My house could not handle all the people coming over so I bought 2-1/2 acres with three houses on the property. I used one of the houses as a Bemer center. I had 11 Bemers and rented them out and gave all of our Veterans Free Sessions. We held parties and demos

every week. In that time frame 38 amputations were canceled and 16 blind people got their eye site back and 6 people got their driver's licenses. I had wheelchairs and walkers hanging from the ceiling in my center that people had donated because they no longer needed them. We had big fish tanks filled with hypodermic needles, countless empty bottles of high blood pressure medicine and other pharmaceutical meds they no longer needed (with doctors approval of course). Again, drinking water, changing a diet, exercise, positive thinking, increasing blood flow and Faith all contributed to help the body heal itself.

Bemer Loves Our Veterans

I renovated an old boathouse on the lake (see photos) and paid for any Veteran related to someone on my team to fly in with spouse or friend and stay for a week. They got to use the Bemer Every day. Then we raised money through Go Fund Me to get them a Bemer. See the photos of some of our Veterans.

I met some of the most kind loving people at Bemer. We had so much fun at manager meetings, events I did all over the country and parties we had at the Bridie Ranch. The people at our home office we’re so hard-working especially since this was a start up company here in America. I sent them pizzas every month with a thank you message on every box. It was the best $1,700 a year tax write-off I spent because I got to thank so many of our staff members on a personal level. They would text me how good it made them feel that someone cared and appreciated them.

It's All Good with pizza!

When people feel like you appreciate them, it makes the world a much nicer place. It made us feel like we were a real family that truly cared. Hearing the words "You’ve got cancer" opened a huge door that allowed me to empower so many great people to turn their lives around. We never know what door may open for us each day. Being an “open minded skeptic” has filled my heart a thousand times over and over again!

Race Across America RAAM – Bill Sickert

I was honored to work with Attorney, Bill Sickert, who put together the RAAM Program Race Across America that put Bemer on the map with the Cyclists. The Bemer Team set a new world record: 5 days, 3 hours and 43 minutes – almost 2 DAYS faster than any other team in the history of this race across America on bikes! The personal testimonials of the team all spoke about the difference BEMER made in speeding up their recovery between their race cycle along with the increase in their endurance. It all made sense as everything in our body is driven by our lifeblood and if we can increase the efficiency, we can experience positive results!

Best Party Planners Ever!

Nick Huish, USA Manager, was another caring soul that put together some awesome events and parties with Dr. Joshua Berka’s wife, Sarah Berka and Wynda Scott. These events really enabled the leadership to work together and gave America hope for healthy living. I was so proud of all my team managers.

Superbowl Legends

One of my proudest moments was working with Mo Jacobson, Cindy Kirby and Super Bowl Ring Earner, Hall of Fame, Will Shields, of the Kansas City Chiefs and getting into the Super Bowl Legends Lounge with our Bemers to beam up all the Super Bowl Legends. (See photos.)

I was very honored to have helped my team sell over 7000 Bemers in just 5 years and receive the first-ever Bemer Heart award.

I was very blessed in my business to reach the highest level of sales leadership which is OD+ in less than 18 months. Another proud moment in Bemer was when I was awarded the first Bemer Heart Award. In 18 years, Peter Gleim had never given an award to any of his distributors. I was very honored to have helped my team sell over 7000 Bemers in just 5 years.

At the last Bemer Convention, I wanted to thank Peter Gleim for giving us Americans this technology so I hired a European artist to make a painting of Mount Rushmore and insert Peter Gleim‘s head on the mountain. He loved it and his wife, Caroline, told me it was hanging in their living room. That made me happy.

The world is filled with so much heartache and fear. Kindness and thankfulness goes a long way.

I truly believe that the Bemer technology that was brought over to America by Nik and Peter Gleim was one of the greatest impacts for a change in America’s broken healthcare system.

We made major changes in the medical field with the "White Coats". At first, they were skeptical but the proof was in the pudding. When doctors would come to my facility and see wheel chairs and walkers, braces, crutches hanging from the ceiling and fish tanks filled with empty bottles of prescription drugs people had given me that they no longer needed

because their doctor had weaned them from the drugs, it really impressed these doctors. I would jokingly tell them, "I got a 'C' in Biology 40 years ago and even that was a stretch. I did get an 'A' in partying, but that was before Jesus". They would laugh, but deep down inside they knew that none of them had these incredible testimonies that I had. They didn’t have people no longer needing wheel chairs, or the long list of what was happening weekly from my Bemer sessions. As a result many came on board and we worked together. These were exciting times and I loved it.

Our "Soft Pillow" – Barbie Gasich

My Bemer story would never be complete without dedicating my deepest gratitude, respect and honor for Barb Gasich. She fought a good fight with cancer while keeping the Bemer family together. She was the soft pillow everyone could go to when things didn’t go right. Her heart and her vision to help people was contagious. She really cared and it was an honor to work with her. For Barb, we all carry the torch in her memory. If it wasn’t for Barb Gasich, I wouldn’t have met my K.Ross Johnston, the love of my life. Being single 31 years, I finally found a man that deserves me thanks to Barb.

Forever Thankful

I will always love the Bemer technology and will be forever thankful for the education I received from people like Nik Gleim, Dr. Joshua Berka, Chit Van Malik, the late Dr. Rainer Klopp, Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, Dr. Anne Bernard and Bettina Torres.

Looking Towards the Future

I am proud to say I am helping my mother, Pauline Zober, in building her Centropix business. She is honored to be working with Nick Gleim, son of Peter Gleim, George Gasich, Kim and Sherry Simsby, Deb and Mark Brolley, Adrian and Janelle Vashon, Youcef Benoucef, Chit Van Malik, and Dr Anne Bernard and Jeannie Basso along with world famous Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, of the Max Planck Institute, the originator of the original PEMF Signal, in a new company called Centropix located in Sarasota, Florida.

This newest State of the Art Technology in the world of PEMF was created and patented by Dr. Kafka. The timing has never been better. Being at the right place at the right time to be able to work with the world famous scientist and doctor that created the first PEMF signal is the Perfect Storm. It doesn’t get better than this.

Because of the respect and relationships built over the years from Bemer, the cream of the crop have all linked arms to bring the best technology to the marketplace here in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Let this serve as an invitation for everyone to come take a look at this incredible company of people who want to make a difference. People that really care and want to help others.

Regardless of your status with any other PEMF company, everyone has the right to be a customer and own a Kloud, a Cocoon and a Bubble.

The world of PEMF Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency is evolving very quickly. Don’t get left behind. Technology is changing so fast in the PEMF world as well. That is why we are so thankful that Dr. Kafka is dedicating his brilliance and technology to give Centropix the lead over all other devices. I always want to be in the loop of the latest and the greatest. How about you?

We are a combination of the 5 people we hang out with, so you are invited to hear from the world’s leading expert.

We are a combination of the 5 people we hang out with.

For more information about acquiring the Kloud, the Bubble or the Cocoon, contact my Mom, Pauline Zober or me, Terry Johnston. • 407.353.4792

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